Dells Events Editorial

 Thumbs up to Frank and Marianne Weinhold and the Natural Heritage Land Trust for the conservation easement on Louis' Bluff that was announced last week. The Weinholds have protected the bluff for many years and this will protect it for years to come. It will not be another spot along the river developed for condominiums or even campgrounds.

The Weinholds have set a precedent not only for landowners along the river, but also for others with property that should be protected.

This area needs its own land trust foundation that could buy conservation easements or even property that should be protected. Not all the land that should be protected is along the river either. Not so well known sites away from the river need preservation, too, to keep them as is for future generations, and not split into residential lots.

Thumbs up to the Ho Chunk Nation and the Department of Transportation for the transfer of the Kingsley Bend Mounds at the wayside. The Ho Chunk plans to reclaim the mounds as they once were, is impressive. The mounds have been a hidden treasure that few recognized. As the Nation works to preserve the site as it was originally, and the mounds are more easily seen, they are likely to become a recognized attraction.

Thumbs down to those who have complained about signs for the farmer's market and those who suggest moving it. George Kampermann deserves a pat on the back for putting up the signs for the market and if people want to complain about those fold-up signs, they ought to contribute the money for permanent signs.

The farmer's market is a perfect fit with the Kilbourn Library and downtown. Visitors can see it and find it easily. Residents can get to it without battling traffic, and families can enjoy the library and market together. The library park site has already proved it can grow the market so to move it at this point would be foolish.

The market needs to grow more, because an activity that visitors and residents really appreciate. People need to come with their garden produce to sell it  this summer if only for one Saturday and even churches could help the market grow by having bake sales there Saturday mornings.

Thumbs up and congratulations to the Dells High School's winning baseball team for its first place finish and to athletes Jade Royston and David Sikorski for their finishes in the top ten in state meets. Congratulations also to the girls' softball team that lost but only by one point and only after a grueling 18 innings. They deserve a medal anyway.

Having winning teams is nice for a high school, but it should not be everything. The focus at high school should be on academics, not sports. Whether the teams are winning or losing, the emphasis should be on the curriculum, not the extra-curricular activities.

Thumbs up and congratulations to Kelley Schulz, a 2003 Dells graduate, who is attending Texas Tech. She competed in the NCAA championship track meet in the high jump.

Thumbs up and congratulations to the students in the Class of 2007 who earned a diploma from the Dells High School. They are now officially alumni and have started on the path that carries them to the future. Best wishes and a pat on the back for getting this far goes to those at the top, bottom and middle of the class. You finished in one sense, but in another, high school graduation is the start of life. For most, graduation will not mean leaving the books behind forever. With today's world, more education is needed and re-education later in life will be needed to keep up with the changes in the world. Hopefully, the Dells graduates are ready for the challenges.