JUNE 5 2012

The View from Louis' Bluff

Hayden Marx, Dells Events

The best view off the Bluff

Members of the Stewards of the Dells of the Wisconsin River were treated to what Frank Weinhold calls the best view from Louis´┐Ż Bluff after a steep hike up the bluff on Sunday.

Climbing sandstone

Stewards climb a sandstone formation.


A closer view of the sandstone formation.

A view from near the top

What Frank Weinhold, owner of the land, describes as the second best view from the bluff. He said some of the tree growth on the bluff is fairly recent.

Lapham reads of his travels

Rob Nurre, dressed as former state geologist Increase Lapham, reads from Lapham's notes. He said Lapham first visited the Bluff 160 years ago to the day on June 22, 1852.

Weinhold and Lapham discuss geology

Weinhold discusses geology with Nurre. More of the bluff's history can be read in Weinhold's book "Louis' Bluff: The story of a Wisconsin Dells Landmark." The book is available at the Kilbourn Public Library.